Beer Definitions

Barley Sandwich:
Having a beer for lunch.

Beer Buffet:
A bar with more than ten different beers on tap.

Beer Coupons:

Beer Pressure:
When you drink what your friends drink.

Booze Snooze:
When you take a nap so you’re fully charged for a night of beer drinking.

Breaking the Seal:
The first time you urinate after drinking beer. Breaking the seal is usually followed by more frequent trips to the bathroom.

Britney Spears:
Light beer. As in, “Dude, what’s with you drinking Britney Spears all night?”

Dead Soldier:
An empty or half-empty bottle or can of beer discovered the morning after a party.

A full, unopened bottle or can of beer you find the morning after a party.

The beer you drink before going out at night because you know the beer at the bar or nightclub will be too expensive.

Getting your Package On:
Getting drunk.

The foam at the top of your beer.

Ice-Style Beer:
A technique where the beer is partially frozen so that extra water (and theoretically, impurities) can be filtered out. Labatt has the trademark on ice beer, so other brewers use terms like ice-brewed or ice-style.

Jack and Jill:
A shot of Jack Daniels and a beer.

Jumping Strays:
Drinking unfinished beers that are left behind at the bar (usually because of one’s lack of financial reserves.)

Keg Commander:
The person who camps out near a keg so he or she can give lessons on how to pour a plastic cup of beer.

Keg Sitter:
The person who hovers near the keg because he or she is worried that it will suddenly run dry.

Macro Swill:
A beer snob’s term for mass-produced lagers and pilsners such as Budweiser, Coors and Miller.

Riding a Rocking Horse into Battle:
Getting hammered on 3.2 beer.

Roadside Olympics:
A police-sponsored sobriety test.

The science of fermenting beer, and the last word in many dictionaries.